Black Ribbons (2010)


Remember what the song says ‘don’t let ’em get you down’.  The most important thing is love.  All you know or all you need to know.  Or was that beauty?  What’s the difference?  Love your family, love your neighbor, love your enemy as yourself.  Go on loving, it’s what humans do best and the one thing they can’t kill, got it?  This is Will of The Wisp, the time now is no time, the temperature is cold, the news is blue. For now, the light still shines.

So begins the last broadcast of talk radio DJ Will o’ Wisp (played and partially written by Stephen King) on the night before the US Government shuts down all outlets of free speech.  Will’s last night is filled with diatribes against the current situation mixed with a hopefulness that maybe things will change (while admitting such hope is helped with a bottle of Jack Daniels), while playing the band from the discography of the fictional band Hierophant.  Continue reading

Baskin (2015)


Baskin is a Turkish horror film about a group of hard-edged police officers who find themselves up the fecal creek with out a paddle as they investigate a house full of primitive cultists.  But before they get there, we have to watch them have conversations and have misadventures for an hour and some change.  It’s up to the viewer as to if this is worth the pay off.  Continue reading

I saw Phantasm Remastered at Chicago’s Flashback Weekend.

Flashback Weekend is a yearly horror convention held in Chicago.  For the past couple years I’ve been meaning to go, but circumstances conspired against me.  This year, my fiancee and I made it down there for the 2016 outing — Flashback’s fourteenth year of operation. Our plans were originally just to catch the screening of Phantasm Remastered.  That changed when we inadvertently booked our hotel at the Rosemont, the same hotel where Flashback Weekend was taking place.     Continue reading