O.H.M.A.D. Day 5: Without Warning (1980)


Oh no!  Vacationers are set upon by extra-TERROR-estral parasites!  These vicious blood-suckers are circular monstrosities that spin like tops before affixing themselves into the flesh of their victims.  Jack Palance (City Slickers) tries to warn the kids not to go into the woods, but damn fool kids will never learn until its too late!

without-warning-1980-hq-rare-oop-734afI liked Without Warning quite a bit.  The practical effects of the whirling dervish aliens were amazing!  They looked like something that could be real, and were really creepy.  If made these days, it would be a CGI piece of cartoon crap.  What was interesting to me about Without Warning is that it is that it is a alien invasion film using slasher movie tropes.  You’ve got the town drunk warning the kids to stay away, a house full of bodies, red herrings, false alarms, and sudden deaths that belong in a stalk in slash flick.  I enjoyed it!  The best part of the characters were the town drunk, Fred, who was played by Martin Landau (Grumpy Old Men).  Fred is a former Sargent in the US Army and barks orders at our heroes like they are his underlings and it cracked me up.  He and Jack Palance bring some serious chops to this film that it doesn’t really deserve, especially once the uber-cheap looking alien shows up. Despite that misfire, Without Warning is a fun ride.

without-warning-1980-movie-greydon-clark-6For this type of film, it’s cast is super impressive.  Besides Landau and Palance, Neville Brand (Eaten Alive) and genre vet Cameron Mitchell (every other movie in that fifty film public doman horror set you own) also make appearances, along with a very young David Caruso (CSI:  Miami).  I’m surprised Without Warning is one I haven’t heard much about over the years, as well as it slipping under my radar until this point.  I was Without Warning it existed and that all these people were in it.


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