O.H.M.A.D. Day 22: Spring (2014)


More of a romance more so than a horror flick, Spring is about a aimless young man named Evan who ends up falling in love with a young woman who is something not quite human.  Spring begins with Evan embarking on a few one night stands after the death of his mother, and suddenly taking off to Italy on a whim.  Shortly after his arrival, he saddles up with a couple of local guys who take him in as one of their own.  They spend their time drinking and partying, but this changes when Evan spots Louise.  He is instantly taken by her, even as she rebuffs him, and things get extremely weird.

spring-toronto-film-festival-3What follows is a boy meets girl, boy looses girl, boy finds girl again plot — with a Lovecraftian twist.  Louise’s secret is that she’s partly an Old One, a creature that has been around for thousands of years and undergoes a metamorphosis every twenty years.  Her physiology rebels against her and she has to take certain measures to maintain her semblance of a normal life.  Evan, bless him, dives right in to her crazy world dead set intent on helping her and making the relationship work, up until the enigmatic end.

Writer-Directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead previously impressed me with their Bonehead segment in V/H/S: Viral (it was the best segment of the film).  Initially told in a disjointed style, the directorial duo tell the story of Spring by aimlessly going from one segment to another.  This is a reflection of how Evan is going through his life. This kind of storytelling was hard for me to follow in the inebriated state I was in while watching.  Thankfully, Spring got easier to follow once the relationship between Evan and Louise beings to blossom.  Lou Taylor Pucci (Evil Dead, Ava’s Possessions) and actress Nadia Hilker (The Divergent Series: Allegiant) are likeable and with a story this weird, it’s important that they sell us on the reality of the situation.  I felt they manage to do this.  Honestly, I need to watch Spring again before I can really get my thoughts together on this film. It is worth a second viewing.  Check it out.


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