The Void (2016)


A group of cultists unleash an evil from another dimension, and the night crew of the local hospital as well as their sheriff is caught in the aftermath and must fight to survive till morning. With cultists on the outside, people transforming into monsters on the inside, a psychopath hellbent on revenge, and nefarious experiments going on in the basement, will these poor people survive The Void?
The Void is meant to be a throwback to 80’s genre fare such as From Beyond, and heavily influenced by John Carpenter. The practical FX are the real star of the show, and the writer-director team of Jeremy Gillipsie and Steven Kotanski show that the FX is their specialty as they’ve both worked on makeup and special effects for blockbuster films such as Suicide Squad, Clown, Pacific Rim, and the TV show Hannibal.

The Void feels like it is something that you would find on the shelf at an old mom & pop video store. The flaws in pacing and plot make the film feel like something that was genuinely made in the 80, when the focus of genre films was to be gross and disgusting to make sure you got the ultimate bang for your buck. This isn’t to say the rest of the film is lacking, it’s a very stylishly directed film. The use of gel lights was a nice touch that helps the throwback feeling The Void is going for. In some cases, the homages are too obvious, and there is a nod to The Beyond that is outright plagiarism. The Dead Hate the Living did the same thing, and I didn’t appreciate it then either. Despite that misstep, I enjoyed the Void and will be a film I revisit. Fans of Stuart Gordon, Lucio Fulci and John Carpenter will enjoy staring into The Void.

You can currently catch The Void in a limited release, or more conveniently, on most video on demand services.


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