Remembering George Romero.


Yesterday brought us the sad and surprising news that George Romero passed away at age 77 after a bout with lung cancer. As far as I know, his illness was kept quiet and out of the press until his passing. I was shocked at the announcement, as recent news indicated he was working on an adaptation of his comic Empire of the Dead for AMC. Continue reading

The Old Man


This is a short story I submitted for a writing magazine.  The criteria for the story was that it had to focus on the holiday season and be no more than two pages.  Yesterday, I received a rejection letter from the publication saying they received so many submissions that mine was unable to be published.

For lack of having anything else to do with it at this point, I’ve decided to put it up here.  It’s not a horror story, but I hope you’ll enjoy it just the same.  Continue reading

Interview with John Amplas


For those of you who don’t know, John Amplas was a big part of Romero’s films from Martin to The Dark Half. That encompasses an almost two decades worth of work in some of Romero’s best output.

I asked him if he’d be kind enough to do an interview for my blog, and he was nice enough to agree to it. So without further adieu, here is the interview with man himself. Continue reading

The Pizza Man

I wrote a flash fiction story for you guys.  Enjoy this tasty little treat that I call…..



What was supposed to be a routine pizza delivery turned out to be the worst and last night of Chris Haye’s life. He neared the house on the outskirts of town to deliver a pepperoni deluxe special while wondering when his big break in life would come. As he neared the front steps he noticed a barrage of pizza boxes from different mom and pop places as well as major chains strewn around the porch. “He must really like pizza”, Chris thought. He extended his pointer finger to press the doorbell, but as soon as his first digit made contact with the little black button, the front door opened. Continue reading

A Different Person Now.

The feeling to lash out is ever growing
As the rage finds it’s way into the forefront
No longer backing down, no longer taking it
Pushed too hard, now pushing back
This insistence to harm inspires confidence
As I give my bones and sinew renewed purpose
Pushing on, ever forward, toward new goals
Destroying false idols, laying waste to fools
Killing the past and embracing the future
Leaving behind useless snuffed insecurities
Unfocused thoughts destroyed through psychic violence
Chains of guilt broken and cast aside
Facing the world, embracing the changes
Using rage as a tool instead of a weapon
Honing my body, controlling my mind
Chipping away the pieces that made me weak
A broken shell from where my new self crawls
A different person now.

9/6/12 — Deathstalker2


So I’m toying with the idea of writing a novel again, I get this bug around this time of year and loose it a couple weeks later, but I really like this story.  It’s deeply personal for me, and I feel I could see it through.  The title of it is the same as this post.  Basically, I’m just trying to get myself hyped up more to make this thing happen, and it’d be really great if people actually enjoyed reading it.

To give a little bit of what it’s about (as I envision it thus far), it’s like the low budget horror movie version of Super 8 mixed with Phantasm.  A coming of age story set in the blessed year of our Lord 1988, when NES and hair bands ruled, and seven year olds were first starting to watch the films whose box art scarred their souls when they walked into VHS stores.  To help capture the feel of that last part, I’m going to share with you some of my fave box arts from back in the day.  To those of you who did not get the chance to haunt the horror section in the heyday of VHS tapes, take a walk with me back into the past and enjoy the hucksterism and sideshow atmosphere of movies competing to get your $2.

To those who know what what I’m talking about — welcome home. Welcome to Splatterfest! Continue reading

The Phone

Writing prompt from “Writing Basics” magazine for the week of June the 13th. 

This prompt asks the writer to create a story where they hear a pay phone ring outside of a restaurant.  Against your gut, you answer it and it leads to the wildest night of the writer’s life.  Disclaimer:  this story has no bearing in reality and does not necessiarly reflect the views or opinions of deathstalker2, WordPress, Facebook, CrimeCrawlers, or any of it’s owners.    Continue reading

Goodbye Writer’s Block.

So, I picked up a magazine at Barnes & Noble’s last week called “Writing Basics”, which contains tips and pointers for aspiring writers such as myself who are having a tough time with both writing and motivation.  One of things they have in there is writing prompts for everyr week for the next year.  I plan to complete all the prompts from the magazine up here on my blog starting with this weeks writing prompt, a break-up letter to writer’s block.  Continue reading

Loves Easy Tears

Loves Easy Tears
A Hellraiser FanFic by deathstalker2

I couldn’t believe it. She was no stranger to doing cold and hurtful things but even for her it was a new low. She threw this guy in my face like a weapon, knowing how I felt for her, and she tells me she is getting married to him. After spending 4 months telling me and anyone else who would listen to her incessant babbling that she would never get married. I remembered the last time I saw her, in October. After a night of partying, dancing, and drinking, she told me she didn’t want to see me anymore. Continue reading

Half and Half/Summer 07

I am a gentle soul that only causes harm
I’d soon as shake your hand as I would break your arm
Both acts I would enjoy greatly
Excuse me as I have not been myself lately
Recently touched by sadness and by death
I try to maintain what sanity I have left
Pouring over thoughts both focused and disjointed
From a young age, in the wrong direction I was pointed
Full of love and tenderness, malice and spite
I am one long string that’s been wound too tight
There is one person I love, the same person I hate
and he seems to fall into the latter as of late
I push away at times and others pull him nearer
For his is the face I see when I look in the mirror
Two different natures that are constantly colliding
And it is over me that they are fighting
Good and evil to me are both the same
Two sons of bitches that should share one name
Which is a description of what they cause
Take a moment of introspection and pause
Dwell on the effects of perceived notions
Of Good and evil and the resulting commotions
From the voices in your head should all agree
That they are two halves of one whole called “misery”.

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