John Wick Chapter 2 (2016)



After avenging the death of his dog in the first film, our long suffering anti-hero John Wick finds himself once again pulled back out of retirement to pay off an old debt.  This job ends up with Wick seeking vengeance and finding himself way in over his head.  Chapter 2 chronicles the whole ordeal of Wick traveling to Rome and back to the US where he ends up killing half the population of New York while trying to stay alive. Continue reading


Dredd (2012)


Welcome to Mega City One!  Spanning from Boston to Washington D.C., it is populated by poverty stricken drug addicts who live as tenants in high rise buildings that have popped up all over the sprawl.  This is the future.  There is no more Constitution.  There are only Judges.  They are cops with the power to enact sentencing and executions on the spot.  This film focuses on one Judge in particular, Judge Dredd! Continue reading