The Guest (2014)

The-Guest-Poster-1The best way for me to describe this film is  “What if Capt America was The Stepfather?”.  Dan Stevens (Downtown Abbey) plays as David, a returning war vet who goes to visit the parents of his dead war buddy to give them their sons dying message.  He first meets the mother, Laura Peterson (Shelia Kelly from Lost) and immediately charms her into letting her stay with the family for a while.  Her husband objects to the idea at first, but is also charmed enough by the stranger.  Their son Luke (Brendan Meyer, iZombie) is apathetic, and the trouble comes from their daughter Anna (Maika Monroe, It Follows) immediately distrusts him. Continue reading


O.H.M.A.D. 12: A Horrible Way to Die (2010)


I’ll fully acknowledge the blurbs on this poster are highly generic and given their sources they are to be inherently distrusted, but listen to me when I tell you that this is a good movie.  Garrick Turell is a convicted serial who has recently broken out of jail and is on a quest to get back to his ex-girlfriend Sarah (Amy Seimetz, The Killing and You’re Next).  Sarah has moved to a new town to start a fresh life after having turned Garrick in.  A Horrible Way to Die tells their individual stories as they find their way back into each others lives.  Continue reading

The ABC’s of Death (2012)


Twenty-six directors from all over the world were given $5,000 and free reign to direct a short film however they want, as long as the central theme involves death.   What they have ended up with is a bag of cinematic trail mix that runs the gamut from true horror to downright silliness, and this vast range of different stories makes reviewing the film tough to do.  The film by it’s very nature defies convention.  Most anthologies have around five stories tops with each one around twenty-five to thirty minutes a piece.  What you have here are twenty-six shorts at around five minutes a piece with some animated and claymation shorts in addition to live action.  What you will see watching this is one of the most insane movie experiences in a while. Continue reading