Sadako vs. Kayako (2016)



In the proud tradition of Frankenstein vs. the Wolfman and Freddy vs. Jason, director Koji Shiraishi (The Curse) brings us the J-horror beatdown, Sadako vs. Kayako.  As is the case with versus films in the horror genre, the focus isn’t on the fight but on the two mythologies crossing over.  Sadako vs. Kayako does a better job than most of bring these two worlds together by establishing the curses of Ringu and Ju-on being seen as on-line urban legends by the general public.  Unfortunately two school girls, Yuri and Natsumi, inadvertently watch Sadako’s cursed VHS tape.  The two desperately seek help, and end up in the care of a powerful psychic who decides to break the curse by playing the VHS in the cursed house, thus forcing Sadako to go after Kayako and her infant son Toshio. Continue reading


O.H.M.A.D. 13: Waxwork (1988)

waxwork poster

What a great movie and a perfect choice for the horror movie a day challenge!  We’ve got Zack Galligan (Gremlins) teaming up with Patrick Macnee (TV’s The Avengers and The Howling) to fight David Warner’s (The Omen and Tron) evil waxwork creations in this awesome piece of 80’s cheese.  A couple of college girls are on their way to class when David Warner invites them to bring four friends to see a midnight tour of his creations.  They, of course, take him up on it and two end up getting killed.  You see, when you step across the rope and into the attraction, you actually end up being a character in that world (i.e. a horny girl getting sucked to death by Dracula). Continue reading