The Crow (1994)


A year after he and his fiancee are brutally murdered on Halloween, a young rock singer named Eric Draven comes back from the dead to “put the wrong things right”. What follows is two bloody nights of revenge as Eric tracks down the gang responsible and kills them one by one. Based on the comic of the same name by James O’Barr, The Crow is one of the first faithful comic book adaptations, and arguably one of the best. Continue reading


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

bvsFollowing the Events of Man of Steel, Dawn of Justice follows the collision course between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent after the destruction of Metropolis.  Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) lives in fear of what Superman could do if he went rogue and feels Supes is a threat that needs to be taken down.  His paranoia isn’t helped by Machiavellian social engineering done by fellow billionaire Lex Luthor that makes the two super heroes showdown inevitable. Continue reading

The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 (2012)


Not to be confused with the live action finale in Nolan’s trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, this is the first half of an animated adaptation of Frank Millers series/graphic novel from 1986.  The story is that Bruce Wayne is now 55 years old and has retired from being Batman after the death of Jason Todd (the second Robin).  However, reality dictates dire circumstances for the World’s Greatest Detective’s beloved city and thus our square jawed vigilante dons the cape and cowl to deal out some justice! Continue reading