The Crow (1994)


A year after he and his fiancee are brutally murdered on Halloween, a young rock singer named Eric Draven comes back from the dead to “put the wrong things right”. What follows is two bloody nights of revenge as Eric tracks down the gang responsible and kills them one by one. Based on the comic of the same name by James O’Barr, The Crow is one of the first faithful comic book adaptations, and arguably one of the best. Continue reading

31 (2016)


Rob Zombie’s latest film, 31, concerns the five unfortunate carnies kidnapped by other carnies and forced to play The Redneck Running Man, er, I mean 31.  It’s namesake is because the “game” takes place on October 31st or something.  Personally, I think the film is called 31 because on average, that’s how many jump cuts there are per minute. Continue reading

Jug Face (2013)


Hicksploitation is alive and well in this little ditty from last year. Jug Face is about a backwoods clan of folk that worship some demonic entity that lives in a pit in the ground that has the power to heal them from all sickness, but requires a sacrifice. The person lucky enough to be bled out into the muddy waters of the pit are chosen by clan member Daiwai, who has visions given to him by the pit and fashions their faces onto clay jugs. Continue reading