Ash vs. Evil Dead: Pilot Episode (2015)

ash3It’s been twenty-two years since Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have visited the world of the deadites.  After many years of teasing us with an ED4, they’ve finally made good on their promises and then some with the new television show Ash Vs. Evil Dead.  I have to be honest, this is one of those dream projects that seems to good to be true.  After years of being let down by rumors and speculations both by the internet and the films creators I seriously doubted that this would ever come to fruition.  But it has, and despite some missteps, the wait was worth it.  Just like in the other sequels in the series, the recaps don’t synch up like they should (in this world Army of Darkness didn’t take place, but an amalgam of the first two films did). Continue reading


Evil Dead (2013)


When I first heard that the stripper who wrote Juno and Jennifer’s Body was on-board for the Evil Dead remake I was more than a little pissed off.  It’s not that Diablo Cody isn’t talented, or that I hate her work.  I enjoyed Juno and thought Jennifer’s Body was a funny movie. My only two complaints for the latter film is that the ending sucked and we never saw Jennifer’s body.  I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for the Evil Dead re-make once the description came out:  a drug addicted girl has intervention run on her by her friends at the infamous cabin in the woods.  Then they started talking about how it was going to be like The Shining and a whole bunch of other B.S. and I gave up hope.  Also there was not going to be an “Ash”.

Then that red band trailer came out bitch-slapped that opinion right out of my mind. Continue reading

Happy 20th birthday, Army of Darkness!


Well, don’t I feel old today?

When I was in third grade (dating myself….this was 1990), there was this show hosted by Robert Englund that came on USA Networks on Friday night either before or after The Ray Bradbury Theater called Shadow Theater.  I, like every kid from the 80’s, loved all things Freddy (and Ray Bradbury was a personal hero), so I watched the shows every Friday night.  Anyways, Shadow Theater was basically a magazine show where Robert chewed the hell out of the scenery and showed clips from horror flicks.  (Yes, I know AOD came out in 93…I’ve checked the math…..just stick with me, I’m making a larger point). Continue reading

Mothers of Horror

Since Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and the remake of Charles Kaufman’s Mother’s Day was finally released this week, I thought now is a good time to talk about some of my favorite mothers in horror films.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a few who come to mind.  Let’s all take this time to tell these mother’s how much we love and cherish them for the memories they have given us! Continue reading


So I’m toying with the idea of writing a novel again, I get this bug around this time of year and loose it a couple weeks later, but I really like this story.  It’s deeply personal for me, and I feel I could see it through.  The title of it is the same as this post.  Basically, I’m just trying to get myself hyped up more to make this thing happen, and it’d be really great if people actually enjoyed reading it.

To give a little bit of what it’s about (as I envision it thus far), it’s like the low budget horror movie version of Super 8 mixed with Phantasm.  A coming of age story set in the blessed year of our Lord 1988, when NES and hair bands ruled, and seven year olds were first starting to watch the films whose box art scarred their souls when they walked into VHS stores.  To help capture the feel of that last part, I’m going to share with you some of my fave box arts from back in the day.  To those of you who did not get the chance to haunt the horror section in the heyday of VHS tapes, take a walk with me back into the past and enjoy the hucksterism and sideshow atmosphere of movies competing to get your $2.

To those who know what what I’m talking about — welcome home. Welcome to Splatterfest! Continue reading