Rabid (1977)


Rabid is the third film from cult director David Cronenberg (Videodrome, Scanners) in which he further plays with his ideas regarding body horror.  Former porn star and 2004 and 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate, Marylin Chambers stars as the lead, a young woman named Rose.  At the opening of Rabid, Rose and her boyfriend Hart are involved in a motorcycle accident.  A catatonic Rose is hospitalized and given an experimental skin graft for her burn injuries.  A month later she comes out of her coma only to find she has a mutated appendage that pops out of her armpit and feasts on blood.  After feeding on them, Rose’s victims become infected with a need for blood themselves, and she inadvertently causes a zombie like epidemic throughout Canada.  Continue reading


O.H.M.A.D. 2015 Day 10: Chornicle (2012)

chronicleChronicle is a film about a young man named Andrew (Dane DeHaan, The Amazing Spider Man 2, Kill Your Darlings) whose life gets turned upside after finding something, possibly of alien origin, that gives him, his cousin Matt (Alex Russell, Carrie remake), and new friend Stephen (Micheal B. Jordan, Friday Night Lights, Creed) super powers.  While this may seem like an unlikely choice for October Horror Movie a Day, Chronicle turns into a cross between Scanners and Akira.  The film starts off with Andrew filming things on his new camera and we learn that he’s a very troubled young man.  His mother is dying, his father (Micheal Kelly, who played CJ in the Dawn of the Dead remake) is an alcoholic, and he’s bullied at school.  He doesn’t fit in and doesn’t really want too, despite the pleads from Matt to try to acclimate himself into society.  Using the camera as a buffer between himself and the real world only adds to his alienation and drives the wedge further between him and Matt. Continue reading

O.H.M.A.D. 2015 Day 9: Pin (1988)


As far as bizarre movies go, you can’t get much more bizarre than Pin.  Terry O’Quinn (The Stepfather, Lost) stars as Dr. Lincoln, a  physician, raising two children, Leon and Ursala, along with his neat freak wife whose child rearing techniques leave a lasting scar on their son.  Using ventriloquism, Dr. Lincoln uses his anatomical dummy Pin to educate his children.  He warns them never to talk to Pin alone.  Ursala figures out what her dad is up top, but Leon looks to Pin as an guardian angel type figure.  Dr. Lincoln uses Pin to explain to his children the birds and the bees, and Ursala figures out her fathers game.  Leon, not so much.  In their teenage years, the parents die in a car crash and Leon’s feelings for his sister grow out of control. Continue reading