The Void (2016)


A group of cultists unleash an evil from another dimension, and the night crew of the local hospital as well as their sheriff is caught in the aftermath and must fight to survive till morning. With cultists on the outside, people transforming into monsters on the inside, a psychopath hellbent on revenge, and nefarious experiments going on in the basement, will these poor people survive The Void? Continue reading


Clown (2014)

In 2010, a fake preview for a movie called Clown popped up on-line.  The story centered on a man who put on a clown costume and couldn’t get it off.  What’s worse, it was transforming him into a demon.  The preview claimed the upcoming film was directed by Eli Roth.  Roth saw the trailer and was impressed by the bravado and decided to help produce a full length version of the film.  Clown the film follows the same central story as the trailer. Continue reading