Sadako vs. Kayako (2016)



In the proud tradition of Frankenstein vs. the Wolfman and Freddy vs. Jason, director Koji Shiraishi (The Curse) brings us the J-horror beatdown, Sadako vs. Kayako.  As is the case with versus films in the horror genre, the focus isn’t on the fight but on the two mythologies crossing over.  Sadako vs. Kayako does a better job than most of bring these two worlds together by establishing the curses of Ringu and Ju-on being seen as on-line urban legends by the general public.  Unfortunately two school girls, Yuri and Natsumi, inadvertently watch Sadako’s cursed VHS tape.  The two desperately seek help, and end up in the care of a powerful psychic who decides to break the curse by playing the VHS in the cursed house, thus forcing Sadako to go after Kayako and her infant son Toshio. Continue reading


O.H.M.A.D 2015 Day 28: Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)

jgthIf there is one film in the Friday the 13th series that almost everyone hates it is this one.  In the opening of the film, our hero (Kane Hodder) stalks a nubile twenty something only to find himself staring down one hundred gun barrels manned by a strike team of FBI agents sent to take him once and for all.  Twenty seconds later, our hero is in pieces except for his still beating black heart.  To keep the plot moving, an autopsy is necessary to determine the cause of death, at which point the mortician (Richard Gant, The Mindy Project, Deadwood) becomes fascinated with Jason’s heart and does the sensible thing and takes a big old bite out of it like it was a burger from Sobelman’s.  It turns out Jason is an alien like entity that hop bodies like the characters in The Hidden.  Meanwhile, some crazy bounty hunter named Creighton Duke (Steven Williams, 21 Jump Street, The Blues Brothers) is blabbering on about how he has the secret knowledge that can kill Jason and will take him out for an extraordinary sum of money. Continue reading