Trancers (1984)


Way back in a mystical time known as “The 80s”, Charles Band’s Empire Pictures launched a series of instacult-classic flicks such as Ghoulies, Re-Animator, From Beyond, Troll, and TerrorVision.  It would still be a few years before Empire Pictures sadly went out of business and morphed into Full Moon Pictures, at which point Charles Band’s obsession with diminutive killers fully consumed him. But, before all that happened, Charles gave us the B-movie goodness that is Trancers. Continue reading


The Void (2016)


A group of cultists unleash an evil from another dimension, and the night crew of the local hospital as well as their sheriff is caught in the aftermath and must fight to survive till morning. With cultists on the outside, people transforming into monsters on the inside, a psychopath hellbent on revenge, and nefarious experiments going on in the basement, will these poor people survive The Void? Continue reading

O.H.M.A.D. Day 10: Castle Freak (1995)


Winner of the Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best Direct to Video Feature in 1995, Stuart Gordon’s Castle Freak is about the Reilly family’s decent into darkness after inheriting a 12th Century castle (and you’ll never believe what’s in there!).  The Reilly’s are having their share of domestic issues.  Nine months ago John Reilly got into a drunken car crash which killed his young son JJ and, and left his daughter Rebecca blind.  John’s wife, Susan, is trying to forgive him for it, but it’s not going well.  All of this is complicated by the starving, mauled outsider locked in the bottom of the castle breaking free.

Continue reading

O.H.M.A.D. 2015 Day 15: Cellar Dweller (1988)

cellardwellerThis movie makes me so happy!  Cellar Dweller is about a cursed comic book that has the Satanic power to make it’s titular demon come to life and commit acts of murder.  Jeffery Combs (Re-Animator, From Beyond, you should know who he is by now) stars as Colin Childress, the creator of the comic who regrets his decision and inadvertently kills himself while trying to burn the comic to stop the demon’s rampage.  Thirty years later, aspiring comic artist Whitney Taylor (Deborah Farentino, NYPD Blue, Eureka, and hiding under the pseudonym Deborah Mullowney), takes up at the artist colony in the former home of Colin Childress in order to re-create his famed comic, Cellar Dweller. Continue reading