The Crow (1994)


A year after he and his fiancee are brutally murdered on Halloween, a young rock singer named Eric Draven comes back from the dead to “put the wrong things right”. What follows is two bloody nights of revenge as Eric tracks down the gang responsible and kills them one by one. Based on the comic of the same name by James O’Barr, The Crow is one of the first faithful comic book adaptations, and arguably one of the best. Continue reading


The Crow: Curare (Comic Review)


I have to admit after reading the last Crow outing, I pretty much had written off the franchise.  A couple weeks ago after re-watching the original Brandon Lee film, I had a nostalgia boner and did some googling up on the comics.  In high school, I was a Crow fanatic and pretty much read all the comics and the movies until the diminishing returns became too soul-crushingly disappointing to bear.  During my  internet searching, I came across this new Crow book, The Crow:  Curare, about a little girl coming back for vengeance and assisting the cop who investigated her murder. Continue reading

The Crow: Skinning the Wolves


I remember back in my high school days, around the time The Crow: City of Angels came out, reading an interview with The Crow creator James O’Barr where he spoke about how the franchise wasn’t Star Trek and how he felt it couldn’t continue on forever. Flash forward almost 20 years and O’Barr returns to pen this quickie cash grab that is unsuitable in every way for The Crow name. Continue reading

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