O.H.M.A.D. 2015 Day 6: The Beyond (1981)

beyond2The Beyond is the closest thing to a nightmare ever captured on film.  Poetic, gory, and haunting, the story focuses on a New Orleans hotel built over one of the seven gateways to hell.  A young woman named Liza inherits the hotel from her family, is determined to restore it to it’s former glory and make a bunch of money.  Thankfully, that doesn’t happen for her or we wouldn’t have much of a movie.  Sixty years previous to Eliza’s arrival, a lynch mob murdered Schweick, a painter, for fear he was a warlock and would open the gateway.  During Eliza’s renovations, Joe the plumber ends up opening up one of the gateways and unleashing the vengeful Schweick.  And a bunch of horrible things happen to a lot of good people. Continue reading


Dellamorte Dellamore aka Cemetery Man (1994)

cemetery-man-movie-poster-1996-1020211001 Cemetery Man aka Dellamorte Dellamore is the last great Italian horror film. And it’s a proper send off to almost five decades worth of work from maestros like Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento.  Michele Soavi entered among their ranks in the late 80’s with the really funny (not sure if intentionally) Stage Fright, and the supernatural thriller The Church after having worked for years under the tutelage of Dario Argento.  While I have enjoyed his earlier films, Cemetery Man is his true masterpiece. Continue reading

Gates of Hell Trilogy….the NES game? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.


I’m pretty sure a lot of you know about HackTivision by know based on the faux Friday the 13th series video game trailer that’s been making the rounds on social media for a while now.  Well, HacktiVision is back at it again with a new trilogy of games for us to play:  The Gates of Hell trilogy! Continue reading

John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness (1987)


This is a film about a metaphysical Satan trapped in green ooze trying to break free to take over the world. A group of college students are brought in by their physics teacher (Victor Wong) to study the ooze at the behest of a Priest (Donald Pleasence). The container holding the ooze is locked in the basement of an old church and has been kept secret for many, many years. The students spend the night in the old church, and from there, things get weird. The ooze starts to break free and possess the students one by one and Alice Cooper leads an army of homeless bums who kill anyone who tries to escape. As the stakes and tension mount, it’s a battle of good vs. evil to save the world that ends on an enigmatic note. Continue reading

Catching up.


If you’ve been wondering what happened to the October Horror Movie a Day series I’ve been doing, the computer died a couple weeks ago and I just got it back last night. Unfortunately, that means you guys have missed out on a quite a few review for the Horror Movie a Day listing. Basically just to catch up a bit, here’s a list and a brief rundown of what I’ve been watching: Continue reading


So I’m toying with the idea of writing a novel again, I get this bug around this time of year and loose it a couple weeks later, but I really like this story.  It’s deeply personal for me, and I feel I could see it through.  The title of it is the same as this post.  Basically, I’m just trying to get myself hyped up more to make this thing happen, and it’d be really great if people actually enjoyed reading it.

To give a little bit of what it’s about (as I envision it thus far), it’s like the low budget horror movie version of Super 8 mixed with Phantasm.  A coming of age story set in the blessed year of our Lord 1988, when NES and hair bands ruled, and seven year olds were first starting to watch the films whose box art scarred their souls when they walked into VHS stores.  To help capture the feel of that last part, I’m going to share with you some of my fave box arts from back in the day.  To those of you who did not get the chance to haunt the horror section in the heyday of VHS tapes, take a walk with me back into the past and enjoy the hucksterism and sideshow atmosphere of movies competing to get your $2.

To those who know what what I’m talking about — welcome home. Welcome to Splatterfest! Continue reading

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