Baby Driver (2017)

baby driver poster

Baby (Ansel Elgort, The Divergent Series) is a brash young getaway driver under the thumb of crime boss Doc (Kevin Spacey, Seven, The Usual Suspects) to pay off a debt. After completing his final job for Doc, Baby dreams of driving away with a waitress he’s fallen in love with, only to find that Doc isn’t willing to let his “lucky charm” go that easily. Baby plans to do one last heist before making his own getaway, only to find that everything has it’s price. Continue reading


The Quiet Ones (2014)


When this came out to little or no fanfare and quite horrible reviews, I was disappointed. Thankfully fellow blogger Seven Doors of Death wrote a nice review of it after having watched it on Netflix, and so I decided to give it a go. Like any good possession flick, this film revolves around the made up events surrounding a true story. It also for some reason takes place in an alternate version of 1975 in which hair-metal band Quiet Riot exists. As far as time paradoxes go, I’m ok with this one. Continue reading