Uncertain (2015)

uncertainOnce again, the Milwaukee Film Fest has arrived.  Uncertain was this years film sponsored by the fine folks at Milwaukee Movie Talk who were once again kind enough to provide me and my fiancee with free passes for the film (and we got to use this time them unlike last year’s fiasco).  Uncertain is a documentary focusing on three lives in the small town of the films namesake in Texas, that’s right on the Louisiana border.  The population of the town is 94 and life is focused pretty much on Caddo Lake, a conversational wetland as designated in 1971 under the Ramsar Treaty.  Caddo Lake provides the town with it’s economic opportunity.  An invasive species of algae has covered the lake and threatens to dry it up, as well as killing it’s wildlife. Continue reading


Witching and Bitching (2013)


Alex de La Iglesia is fast becoming one of my favorite filmmakers.  After having seen his remarkable Here Comes the Devil and the flawed but interesting The Last Circus in years past at the Milwaukee Film Festival, it was a given that I’d be seeing Witching and Bitching at last years same event.  My fiancee was even able to score free tickets to the event courtesy of the great people at Milwaukee Movie Talk for a midnight showing of the event on a Saturday. Continue reading