O.H.M.A.D. Day 12: Pumpkinhead (1988)


Pumpkinhead is a nasty slice of southern-gothic revenge starring Lance Henrikson (Near Dark, Aliens) as the lead character Ed Harley.  Harley is a single father and the proprietor of a rural grocery store in the deep south.  He lives alone with his young son, whom he loves dearly.  After his son is accidentally killed by a group of teen dirt-bike riders, Harley seeks some the dark magic of a local witch for revenge.  Harley and the witch summon the demon Pumpkinhead, but Harley soon finds that this isn’t what he bargained for. Continue reading


Sabotage (2014)

sabotage_ver7Arnold Schwarzenegger has had an incredible career resurgence over the past few years. Most of them have been cheesy action yarns that call back to his past glory as an action star, complete with one-liners and comedic relief. Sabotage is the antithesis of all of that. This is not a very fun movie, people expecting a funny Arnold and a feel good story are going to be gutted by what they see here. The film opens on a home video recording of a woman being tortured to death by them, setting the tone that this isn’t going to be a pleasant experience. Continue reading