Lost Highway (1997)


Lost Highway is a fever dream of a film that concerns a jazz musician named Fred Madison (Bill Pullman, Independence Day, Spaceballs) who’s life spirals downhill after receiving a strange message telling him “Dick Laurent is dead”. Shortly thereafter he’s convicted for the murder of his wife Renee (Patricia Arquette, A Nightmare on Elm St. 3, Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure). Somehow, while in prison, he transforms into a young man named Pete Dayton (Balthazar Getty, Natural Born Killers, Ladder 49) and is released. Pete falls in love with a mafioso’s dame (also played by Patricia Arquette) and the downward spiral begins a new.

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Sadako vs. Kayako (2016)



In the proud tradition of Frankenstein vs. the Wolfman and Freddy vs. Jason, director Koji Shiraishi (The Curse) brings us the J-horror beatdown, Sadako vs. Kayako.  As is the case with versus films in the horror genre, the focus isn’t on the fight but on the two mythologies crossing over.  Sadako vs. Kayako does a better job than most of bring these two worlds together by establishing the curses of Ringu and Ju-on being seen as on-line urban legends by the general public.  Unfortunately two school girls, Yuri and Natsumi, inadvertently watch Sadako’s cursed VHS tape.  The two desperately seek help, and end up in the care of a powerful psychic who decides to break the curse by playing the VHS in the cursed house, thus forcing Sadako to go after Kayako and her infant son Toshio. Continue reading

Blair Witch (2016)


Twenty-two years after his sister Heather’s disappearance in the Burkittsville woods, her brother James (James McCune, The Walking Dead) still wants closure.  Spurned on by a viral video that appears to show Heather in the same cabin we last saw her in, he and some friends decide it’d be a good idea to pay the cabin a visit and make a documentary film about it.  Things do not go as planned.  Continue reading

V/H/S: Viral (2014)


The third and final entry in the V/H/S franchise, Viral, is the most ambitious in scope; though slightly undercut by it’s budget.  The entire series has been divisive among horror fans, but the general consensus is that Viral is awful.  This word of mouth is why I put off watching it for the past couple years, which is odd, because I really liked the first two V/H/S films a lot.  At about ten minutes into Viral, I was hooked, and chalked the negative reviews up to typical internet backlash. Continue reading

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)



It was WAY  back in the autumn of 1995, when I was in 8th grade, that I read about this crazy sounding film about bank robbers fighting stripper vampires in Fangoria. At this point in my life I was more of a franchise horror fan than a crime/action movie person. All that changed upon the films release in January 1996. Continue reading

O.H.M.A.D. 12: A Horrible Way to Die (2010)


I’ll fully acknowledge the blurbs on this poster are highly generic and given their sources they are to be inherently distrusted, but listen to me when I tell you that this is a good movie.  Garrick Turell is a convicted serial who has recently broken out of jail and is on a quest to get back to his ex-girlfriend Sarah (Amy Seimetz, The Killing and You’re Next).  Sarah has moved to a new town to start a fresh life after having turned Garrick in.  A Horrible Way to Die tells their individual stories as they find their way back into each others lives.  Continue reading

Happy 20th birthday, Army of Darkness!


Well, don’t I feel old today?

When I was in third grade (dating myself….this was 1990), there was this show hosted by Robert Englund that came on USA Networks on Friday night either before or after The Ray Bradbury Theater called Shadow Theater.  I, like every kid from the 80’s, loved all things Freddy (and Ray Bradbury was a personal hero), so I watched the shows every Friday night.  Anyways, Shadow Theater was basically a magazine show where Robert chewed the hell out of the scenery and showed clips from horror flicks.  (Yes, I know AOD came out in 93…I’ve checked the math…..just stick with me, I’m making a larger point). Continue reading

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