Arnold Spitting Flames

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And now for something completely different……

I was drunk the other day and seriously jamming to this.


Halloween 2 (Blu-Ray review)

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Some of you may have heard a little company called Shout Factory is putting out some really awesome re-releases of our favorite films on glorious blu-ray and stacked to the gills with extras. It makes me feel like it’s 2000 all over again, when DVD was just coming into it’s own and we got digital video discs of some rather gritty films we never thought die out on videocassette. Just like back then, it’s getting a bit unwieldy (I still think it’s hilarious we got I Spit on your Grave remastered in THX).

However, there is one franchise that has needed a complete box set for a while now. Given what film this review is of, you can surmise what I’m speaking about. One that falls on October 31st.

Halloween. Continue reading ‘Halloween 2 (Blu-Ray review)’

Under the Dome by Stephen King

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I had this big-as-all-outdoors sitting on my shelf to read for the better part of three years and picked it around mid-August.  I finished it last week and I kept thinking to myself while I was reading it, “Self, why in the hell didn’t you read this book when you bought it, you big munk head!”.  Most of King’s books start out with him describing every little detail of his characters lives down to what toothpaste they use and how much money they owe on their car payment, and these little details help flesh out the characters, and make them relateable, after a certain point it begins to be bit much.  Thankfully, King is like “to hell with that!”, drops a dome down on a small town in the opening page, and let’s us experience the aftermath. Continue reading ‘Under the Dome by Stephen King’

A Coffee Fueled Rant On Silent Hill

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As most of you know, yesterday a big announcement was made for the scariest game franchise of all time:  Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are teaming up to make a new Silent Hill game, called Silent Hills.  The project stars Norman Reedus as what seems to be the  games protagonist.  The project re-teams Del Toro and Reedus who previously worked together on the kick-ass Blade 2.  We can probably bet that Reedus is the star of the game, but Silent Hill by it’s very nature is designed to mind-screw with people and is now being supervised by the evil genius Hideo Kojma (who has his own history of subverting players expectations), he could turn into Tom Cruise…..or Clint Howard, midway through the game for no real reason.

But I’m going to back up a bit before I get more involved in talking about Silent Hills.

Way back in Spring Break in my junior year of high school (1999) quite a few of my classmates went to the beach, or on vacation, or somewhere fun.  I was in a pretty terrible depression at the time for various reasons, and just wanted to be left alone.  I took the week off work, planning to sleep and watch re-runs of Dark Shadows on Sci-Fi.   However, a trip to the mom and pop video store led me to rent a video game that changed the way I saw the medium.  I took a vacation all my own.

I went to Silent Hill. Continue reading ‘A Coffee Fueled Rant On Silent Hill’

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

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I’m not going to say a whole lot about this film — either you’ve seen it by this point or you will in the near future.  When it comes to super-hero movies or big budget films, other than X2, I’ve been of the persuasion that once is enough.  I see them in the theaters and maybe catch a bit of them on FX a few years down the road, but I don’t make an attempt to rewatch them.  However, Marvel has really outdone themselves this year, with the excellent Captain America:  The Winter Soldier, and now with James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

This is an insanely fun movie about a disparaging group of inter-galactic mercenaries who find themselves becoming a quasi-family and saving the known universe.  We have a talking  raccoon, Rocket (Bradly Cooper).  The Kree chick and daughter of Thanos, Gomora (Zoe Saldana) .  The self-styled outlaw, Star Lord (Chris Pratt).   The fearsome and literal, killer Drax (Dave Bluetista).  And most importantly the living tree, Groot (Vin Diesel).   The fun of this film is watching these contrasting personalities come to a sort of alliance with each other.  If it reminds you a bit of Firefly, you’re pretty much on the right track.   The fun of the film is watching the motley crew butt heads and unleash hell on themselves, and the universe. Continue reading ‘Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)’

Joyland by Stephen King (2013)

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I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about Stephen King around the time of the final Dark Tower books, and he told me “If Stephen King writes one more book with a magical retard, we’re going to have to take his typewriter away from him”. King is a good writer, but he has these obsessions with small children and disabled people with telekinesis  that permeate the majority of his works,  and Joyland is no exception.

Joyland is a novel about an old man recounting the tale of himself as a young college student from New Hampshire who takes a job at the North Carolina amusement park of the books title to clear his head after a break-up with his high school sweet heart.    It was a special time and pivotal moment of his life back in the early 70’s, when life was simpler, but not without it’s harshness.  The fictional amusement park is located on the scenic beach of Wilmington, NC and Devin falls in love with the beauty of God’s country and the carny lifestyle almost immediately.  He takes a room in a boarding house not far from the beach.  Devin’s nights are spent listening to the tides roll in as he lament’s his love lost.   Not too long after he stats his tenure, he hears about a murder that took place in the haunted house ride that seems to have been committed by a serial killer who stopped his rampage shortly thereafter.   Legends of the girls ghost also intrigue Devin and his new friends.   He finds himself intrigued by a cold MILF and her friendly, but disabled, son who Devin sees on the beach every morning on his walk to work. Continue reading ‘Joyland by Stephen King (2013)’

Almost Human (2013)

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Up until this past week, I managed to overlook this film because I confused it with the cool looking sci-fi TV show that I refused to watch because Fox was giving in the Firefly treatment.  However, I read an interesting article on Entertainment Weekly on the influence John Carpenter is having on films in 2014.  One of the films mentioned is Almost Human, which contains a credit sequence with the trademark Carpenter font, as well as a Carpenter inspired synth score.  While browsing through Netflix yesterday morning, I noticed Almost Human had recently been added.  I took the plunge and watched it, and it was a very mixed bag. Continue reading ‘Almost Human (2013)’


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